Extracurricular Choral Activities

Frederick County All County Chorus

The Frederick County All County Chorus is a countywide performing ensemble that provides recognition to talented singers in grades 9-12. This special choral ensemble provides qualified students with an opportunity to interact with peers from other high schools who demonstrate high musical ability and interest. Auditions take place in late November. Rehearsals begin in January, and culminate in a concert for family and friends around the first week of February.

All-State Ensembles

We encourage all music students to consider auditioning for All-State Choruses. The All-state auditions are overseen by the Maryland Music Educators Association and take place on a Saturday in November. Audition materials for All-state ensembles will be made available the first week of school.  The audition process for All-state ensembles is not complicated. Here are a few tips:
  • Prepare! Don’t procrastinate. Find out the dates for this year’s auditions and sign up during your chorus class. These auditions are very competitive and cramming your preparation at the very end will dramatically reduce your chances of success dramatically. Set up a practice calendar and pace yourself. Periodically record your efforts and critique your progress. Practice in front of a mirror and in front of friends and family.
  • Seek help! Come to the practice sessions that Mr. Moore holds before the auditions. Also, your private voice teacher is your best resource! If you are looking for help in finding a teacher, please talk to Mr. Moore as soon as possible.
  • Dress professionally! Remember that you have only one chance to make a first impression.  Act professionally! Remember to act professionally, with an air of confidence, not arrogance. Take your time and think before you perform.

A Capella Groups

The Music Department has sponsored a variety of A Capella Groups. In the past we have had barbershop quartets; female a-capella groups; and male a-capella groups, it depends on the year. These groups are run entirely by the students involved and perform at various venues throughout the year. Auditions for all groups are held at the beginning of each school year. 

Spring Musical

All Tuscarora Choral students are eligible to audition for Tuscarora’s spring all-school musical. Anyone who is interested in participating should speak to Mrs. Dorothy Delucchi-drama director or Mr. Moore-assistant drama director and music director.  Our 2012 musical, Hairspray was performed in mid-March in THS’s auditorium.  Past musicals featuring Tuscarora’s outstanding choral musicians include: 
2011: High School Musical 
2010: The Wizard of Oz 
2009: All Shook Up 
2008: Footloose 
2007: Beauty and the Beast and 
2006: Grease